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22 December 2017

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Assuming that UPS delivers on schedule and there are no problems, this Surinam Cherry and bee shot will be the last HDI made with a Nikon D810 body. All but a handful of the HDIs have been made with it -- in fact, I started the HDI on the day the D810 was delivered. The new body is a Nikon D850. The lenses remain the same. The other day I realized that I got my first Nikon body (the justly famous Nikon F) in July, 1965 -- that's 52 years ago. The oldest Nikon lens I have is from the early 1970s, so it's roughly 45 years old.


I didn't move on from the F until the early 1990s, when I got a N90s, then an F5 (both film cameras) then a D200, D300, D800, D810, and then the D850.