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9 November 2016

# 831

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On 20 January 2014 I sent around the 500th Colden/Hilo Daily Image. In those days, the DI was distributed to an email list. I shut down the project and didn't pick it up again until 1 August of that year. As you can see if you click the link, the final DI was of bamboo.


So here's some bamboo and a dried out (but still fragrant) lei.


This is the final HDI in this series. I wanted to go to 1,000, but that's just an arbitrary number. It's better, I think, to stop at a point in my journey (and our country's journey) exactly when everything changed in a terrible way. Posting a picture from my yard every day seems so laughably trivial that I can't continue. I never was one to whistle past the graveyard.


It's also obvious -- and I've been worrying about this for a long time -- that out there in the world there is approximately zero interest in this project. I had thought, at the beginning, that this almost-performance-art project ("what can he find in his yard today?") would attract some attention. It hasn't, and after 831 days I've decided that it never will.


On a typical day, the HDI gets 5 or 6 hits. At least one of them is me, uploading. I have two faithful followers: my sister Gayle, and my dear friend Ginia. So far as I can tell, they are the only ones.


The HDI takes me an hour or two every day, and I need to take that time and use it for other projects.


It's been very, very enjoyable.


Aloha to you all.