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21 April 2016

# 629

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I had to cut back the anthurium bed (and the orange 'ohi'a too) because they're both overpowering the path up from the driveway.


This meant I had an anthurium on hand. What to do with it? How to photograph its back? I took it inside (light rain, but rain nonetheless) and fooled with it but got nowhere interesting until I thought about using the hole in the floor. This is an interesting hole, because it's been open for nearly 4 months now. All of us (residents and workers) know where it is, and no one has ever stepped in it (which would be bad, because it's foot-sized). We warn new people about it.


So here's the back of an anthurium (yes, some of the front too) partly in a hole on 75 year old Douglas Fir flooring which, one of these days, will be covered over by new flooring.