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5 February 2016

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Rainy and low light levels. I might never have said that the most difficult part of making blue jade images is that down in the throat, where there are beautiful colors, the contrast is usually very high and it's difficult to capture what's going on down there. So this morning, because it's rainy, the contrast outside was very low. I thought I'd try for the throat. It was OK, but only OK, so I decided to go after a kind of abstract image, considering that I was already set up at the blue jade.


Long description, probably uninteresting. There is a bit of a puzzle in this one, though. Notice that the raindrops on the white portion appear flecked with something. But what? Did the underlying surface have dust or bits of sand on it? That's the only explanation I can think of.


Bottom line is that you get various blue jade parts for your Friday enjoyment.