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4 February 2016

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The tall ti growing from the collapsed lava tube. It's only with the construction scaffolding that I've been able to get on their level (although when the new lanai is complete I'll be able to be even closer).


I liked the back-lit yellow ones, with their little bits of reddish-brown.


Speaking of yellow, a group of Big Island photographers has been shooting the beautiful yellow shower tree down at the Wailoa River mouth, near Suisan. I created a site for us to show how different photographers from different vantage points and with different equipment -- and of course different eyes -- shoot the same scene. I had a spare domain, so I set up the site. Give it a look. It's going to keep growing for as long as the tree stays in bloom. I was there in the late afternoon yesterday, shooting with everything from 14 mm to 600 mm, and totally enjoying myself. I might go back, and I hope that the photographers whose work is already on the site will return also.