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1 February 2016

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Blue Jade Week #7.


Although I didn't go looking for an even earlier stage, one presented itself to me. This was on the outside of the wall, and the sun had come up.


Even in the viewfinder I couldn't see the sap (or whatever the exudate is), but when I had the image up in Lightroom, I could. I wonder if that's what the ants are after, or if it's just something that happens when the buds warm up.


So, the end of Blue Jade Week. Certainly I'll do more blue jade if something I like presents itself -- and how can it not? It looks as though the outside part will have 3 or 4 sprays going at about the same time. If so, then that ought to be a nice shot. We'll see.


This is the beginning of the 19th month of HDI. Certainly I won't stop before I have a two year set.