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4 January 2016

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No, it's not something from Lascaux or Altamira.


Today would have been my father Glenn's 107th birthday (he died in 1989, at only 80), and so I thought it would be appropriate to go out to where, on the 20th of some month in 1947 (as you can see in the upper right), he laid a concrete pad and we all made impressions of our hands in it. Joe the dog is there too. I would have been 4.


Glenn's hand is at the upper left, and not surprisingly is the largest. Surprisingly, it's unidentified. The rest of our hands, except for Joe's paw, have captions.


You can see Don, my sister Gayle, and then our mother, identified as "Mom," but I suspect it really said "Mommy," considering that she didn't like to be called "Mom." That part of the pad isn't in good shape.


I considered positioning the camera so that the form for the new pad didn't show, but I left it in for context.