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14 December 2015

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A last look at my room, before the demolition and rebuilding begin.


When I say "my room," I mean that as more than the room where I've been processing the HDI these many months. It's more than that. This started being my room when I was about 3 years old, in the mid-1940s. That alcove with the desk and drawers (now gone to Habitat recycling) was where I had my radio sets and did my homework. It's true that between 1960 and about 2004 I made very little use of this room, but it's also true that my mother and father never stopped referring to it as "Don's room."


In a couple of months it's going to be the new master bedroom, and although the window you see will remain as is, the entire back of the room, from the desk through the closet and beyond will be replaced a large glass sliding door that will open out onto a new lanai overlooking the back yard. The soffit will be gone.


In the old days, my sister's room adjoined mine. Some time in the 1960s, my father took part of her room and made it into a small bathroom. That's being removed, and the eventual master bedroom will include both rooms.


I thought that working in black and white would be appropriate, and even though I almost always try to cut back on flare, this morning I welcomed it.