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22 October 2015

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The Kula gardenia bush is happy.


I made a few whole-blossom shots, but decided they were uninteresting. I moved to the other side of the bush, with the early sunlight coming strongly from my right, and realized that most of the bush's interior would be in shadow, whereas the top of one blossom peeking out over some leaves would not be, except that it would have shadows crossing it. Then I saw that the water drops were themselves casting shadows, which I thought was pretty cool. And thus this shot.


There's some strange kind of speckled multicolored noise in the highlights on that left at the lower right. I can't figure out what combination of camera and light and processing produced it. There's also a little of it on the lower part of the center leaf. Always something to learn -- that's the fun of this exercise. I didn't want to take the time to figure out what it's all about before putting up the HDI.