Hilo Daily Image


7 October 2015

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The black ti is almost as reliable a source of images as the white hibiscus and anthurium bed are. We had some nice morning sun  and the backlighting looked good to me.


I've decided that I need to watermark the HDI. It's true that anybody who wants to defeat a simple watermark can do so, but it's better than nothing. The internet is a wild, wild place. I sometimes post the HDI on a Facebook Hawai'i (Big Island) photography page, and I know that the images are often shared. When that happens, they're gone.


I do make some of these images available for sale at Zenfolio, so I want to keep them under my control. I don't push the sales part of the Hilo Daily Image, but it's there. If you want a particular HDI, then just go to Zenfolio and use the contact form there to reach me. I can upload any of the HDI images to Zenfolio, which then makes them available for printing and shipping to you.