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11 August 2015

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I got back from running and stepped into the yard to see how the Bodhi tree was doing -- and saw this fungus (and fly). I went inside and got the equipment and made a few images. But because I had no idea what it was, I posted this image (and this one) on the Hawaii Conservation Facebook page. I wasn't surprised to have an answer within five minutes. This is Phallus indusiatis (if you check the ancillary image you'll understand the genus name).


This is as good a time as any to say that although I'm continuing the Hilo Daily Image, I'm going to be more casual about just when I make the image and post it. All along I've aimed for morning -- I'm not giving that up, but am I going to do other things in the morning whenever I need to, and make, process, and post the image later in the day.


Today, for example, it's after 10 AM and I'm only now preparing today's image.


Note 2015 08 12: the Big Island's leading mycologist (Dr. Don Hemmes, of UH Hilo) identified this as Phallus multicolor, and gave me its common name, which is "Netted Stinkhorn."