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15 July 2015

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This one didn't require getting up at 4 AM and it didn't require any driving, either.


This is the vanilla vine (we've seen part of it before). I'll probably be making more images from the Wailuku side of the house, because it's much easier to work there now. Last week I hauled 3 tons of Yamada Brothers #57 gravel from the trailer up to that area. It was always a muddy, swampy, weedy, nasty place. I think every shot I've made there has been of moss or rain or something wet. It gets very little sun, because it faces north-west and there are many hapu'u, which make for serious shade. The hapu'u don't care what the ground surface around them is like, so they'll be fine with the gravel. Bottom line is that I can walk around in there and do whatever I want to now.


Back to the vanilla. I have no idea what truncated the leaf. I don't think it was an insect or other animal, but who knows?