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13 July 2015

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I should go back and count the anthurium images. The anthurium bed is a productive source of images. Part of this is because the plantings and leaves and rock wall combine to give me a reliable source of dark backgrounds.


It's possible that the HDI tomorrow will be delayed. My current plan is to be up and out of the house early, headed for Mauna Kea where, yesterday, I saw that the silverswords are blooming. I was with a film crew and could only make a couple of shots. I really need to get back there with the right equipment and time to work as slowly as I always do (it's not the crew's fault . . . we were on a different task). I have long wanted to be at one particular group of silverswords early in the morning, because of the way I think the light will strike them.


Thus tomorrow (or Wednesday) is likely to be (a) late and (b) involve an image not taken here on Wailuku Drive. I've done that twice before (2014 08 08 and 2014 12 21). We'll see. It's weather-dependent.