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4 July 2015

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Superwide week finishes with this one.


It's rare for the sunrise to light up the sky to the north (left of the picture) but this morning, it did. Typically if I want to do a sunrise I use a telephoto, and try to isolate what I see that's interesting. But this morning it was still Superwide Week. I stayed on the porch, using a framing I've used before.


I processed this image with two different image processors. This one makes heavy use of DxO Optics' "ClearView" processor. When I've made over-the-top sunrise or cloud images here at HDI, such as this one, it's usually been with ClearView. However, Adobe Lightroom 6 now has something like it, called "Dehaze." Here's the same image with Dehaze.


Starting tomorrow, I'll choose any lens I want to.