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29 June 2015

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Superwide week.


Today was also hand-held day because (a) it was raining and I wanted to work fast and (b) the only reasonable shot I saw meant I had to kneel down. Kneeling is faster than adjusting the tripod.


So here's the blue jade vine attacking the chair, as is its habit. But this time there's a new spray lurking in the background.


Attacking, lurking. Sounds pretty bad. It's not, really, but it surely does want to reach out and climb on everything. It's so happy and luxuriant that I hate cutting it back, but it's time to tell the blue jade that it can't have the entire rock wall and it can't have the entire Zen garden, and it can't have the kukui and the coffee tree and the black ti and the twin clove trees. And the chairs.