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28 June 2015

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All right, it's Superwide Week.


It took me a long time this morning to get my eye adjusted to the superwide. I mean looking around for places where the superwide would work.  Every shot I thought might work just didn't. By that I mean they all screamed "superwide!!" and I wanted something where the viewer wasn't immediately struck by that. Later, sure. Fine. You know the kinds I mean -- looming foreground, all that. I like those shots, actually, and here at HDI there are a few of them. But they are kind of in-your-face and I'm going to try to avoid that, if I can. If . . . .


Anyway, I eventually worked my way into the back corner (featured in Back Corner Week) and saw that the torch ginger stalks were at a nice angle in relation to the neighbor's garage roof, and that the blue ginger was nicely clustered, and that the torch ginger heads were going to give me some reds and that there was some variety in the greens.


So I worked my way in close (honohono grass, mosquitos, but no Little Fire Ants), allowed the sun to get in, and made this one.


The discarded appliance in the neighbor's yard is a bonus. I suppose I could have moved the dead ginger leaf to mask it, but I try  never to do any rearranging of what's in my frame. I confess I sometimes do. But rarely.


Back in Lightroom, did I slide the Purple and Red saturation sliders way up to see what it looked like? You bet I did. But it was totally over the top.