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26 June 2015

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This is the tall Areca palm at the back. Here it is in full view.


I chose this shot because it shows the three stages of seeding. To the right, the seeds have all fallen. In the center, they are newly-forming. To the left, they are nearly mature (it's hard to see the red ones, but they are there and the red ones are about ready to fall). I liked the three masses of color, too.


One more day of Six Hundred mm Week. Maybe next week should be "Superwide Week." I haven't been using that lens much lately.

Part of the reason is that I've been enjoying the new lens, but a big part is that it's difficult to compose a superwide picture that isn't very busy -- lots of space, lots of objects -- and lately I've been more attracted to simple compositions. The full view Areca image I linked to above is with the 14 mm lens.