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25 June 2015

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I was making coffee and looked out the window towards the mauka clump of Dypsis. The rising sun was lighting them up very nicely. For one of the first times ever, I knew what I was after before I mounted the camera and went outside.


Front to back here (I'll shut up about this after today) is about 20'. It's a clump, after all. The newish green trunk caught my eye, so here it is. I toyed with the idea of trying to get all the trunks in focus, but decided against it.


I have to thin this clump. One of these days, chain saw in hand, I'll cut out maybe a third of the trunks. For those who don't know Dypsis (aka Areca) -- any given clump will have 15 or 20 trunks, mostly at different ages. The old ones dry out and die, and the new ones take over. So when I talk about hitting the clump with the chain saw, what I'm really doing is a form of pruning.