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21 June 2015

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Six Hundred mm Week.


Here's the makai border, where the four betel palms and four clumps of bamboo are. I've shot the betel fronds from the porch many times. This view, not surprisingly, is a bit different (it's not cropped at all). The hapu'u fronds in the background are all the way over in the Toyama's yard -- that's the beauty of a very long lens.


Well, if you don't like "stacking," then it's not a beautiful thing at all. But I've always liked that perspective. Way back in the sixties, I had a 1000 mm lens (a mirror Nikkor lens). What a beauty that one was. One of these days I'll scan some negatives I made with it. I used it (hand-held!) for a picture in the Lau Lagoon of Malaita that was published in a few places.


Anyway. I'll keep going with 600 mm for the rest of the week.