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12 June 2015

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This guava is probably older than I am. We kids climbed in it when we were young. It's a "sour guava" and not so good for eating, but -- kids, remember -- great for throwing at each other.


I was out there looking at the Dypsis, where there were interesting shadows. But when I turned away, I noticed how a portion of the guava stood out against the shadowy background, with the trunk almost seeming to be lined with white.


Normally I would have stopped down, but I decided to use selective focus on the part that caught my eye. I try not to talk about equipment, but one thing I've learned in the 50 years I've been making images seriously, is that a really important difference between an inexpensive lens and an expensive lens is that I can shoot wide open with an expensive lens and not worry about image quality. Sure, a couple of stops down from f/2.8 this image would be technically better, but I'd have to go pixel-peeping to see the difference. And it would be a different shot, with more in focus (which I didn't want). So I can use this lens at any aperture I want, without worrying about quality.