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10 June 2015

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There's more beauty in the back corner than I've realized. I went out during a lull in the rain, and came back inside with four scenes, any one of which would have been a good HDI.


This is "torch ginger," which is invasive and considered a problem. There's only the one patch, and it's in the neighbor's yard. Both Tom (the coqui assassin) and I cut it back from time to time anyway (the stalks, which you can see flanking the red, can be 20' tall, or more) .


A few weeks ago I wanted to see whether, in my old age, I was still capable of doing what young Nagovisi men used to do for fun (when clearing for gardens) which was to take a machete, slice though a tall stalk at the bottom, and then, as the stalk fell almost vertically, chop left right left right, cutting it into 4 or 5 foot sections while it was falling.


I could.


Muscle memory, and a sharp edge. It pleased me enormously.