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29 May 2015

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I kept the superwide mounted. It's a sunny morning, and on my way outside I noticed the sun on the mahogany paneling in the living room.


Then I noticed the diverse collection of objects -- really, put there for no particular reason and in no particular order (the well-known "we'll get to this later" situation).


From left to right: ikebana vase (Hawai'i, Volcano Arts Center), Maori club (replica), scarification mask (Sepik region, Papua New Guinea), calabash my father made back in the thirties (Hawai'i), Nagovisi basket (Nagovisi, Bougainville Island), tic-tac-toe set my father made probably in the eighties (koa and mango wood, Hawai'i), a pair of replica Hawaiian weapons (wood and shark teeth, Hawai'i), candle snuffer (metal, unknown origin), dog-tooth and bamboo necklace (Sepik), school bell (Iowa), tagine (Morocco), small ceramic bowl (unknown origin), and finally another Nagovisi basket. On the wall, one of my father's feather hat bands.


Below . . . well, a lot of old books (including a kapa-bound one) and several Hilo High and Hilo Intermediate School yearbooks.