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22 May 2015

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A couple of days ago I was creating a draft of the cover for Ruth's new poetry chapbook. I wanted to use this little bowl that my mother made in 1950. A few days after it was newly out of the kiln (yes, we had our own  . . . there wasn't much that my father couldn't make) we were sitting in the living room and heard a short series of pings -- that was the bottom glaze crazing. As a boy I loved the crazed version and I've had it with me for years. Ruth's book is titled "Crazing," and so it's obvious why I thought that this little bowl would work as cover art. But -- I know this is going on too long -- we weren't entirely satisfied with Cover 1.0, and I decided to reshoot.


I don't think this one is cover material, but I like it. So it's today's HDI. Dual purpose shooting.