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9 May 2015

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A couple of days ago I noticed that Sebastian's Bohdi tree was finally getting down to the business of growing (as is Sebastian, born 1 March 2015, which is also when this little tree was formally planted in the yard, to mark the date).


So I thought I'd better get out there and capture some of the new growth, before it rained (again). I was taken by the way the leaves come to a long, strong point. I made a few of the point, but without context they weren't very interesting.


This one has three (count them, three!) new shoots that I assume will take on leaf shape soon, and a nice range of colors. I'm not crazy about green on green. I keep meaning to experiment with taking something like a length of black or dark blue cloth, and dropping it on the grass (for shots like this). I never promised not to interfere with what the yard gives me, although I've done it very rarely. If the rain stops soon, I might go out and see what it does to the same setup.