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8 May 2015

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It was raining. Before the sun gets through, there's an interesting kind of diffuse light that just barely has some yellow in it. It's particularly noticeable to me when it's raining. I tried to get that, but from the porch there's just too much clutter, and the eye doesn't see the color. There may be a way to get that feel, but I haven't found it yet.


Then the sun began to burn through the clouds, so I got this instead. I wasn't sure how much of the sun's disk would be blown out, even with clouds in the way. Yes, there's been Lightroom work -- but less than you might think. What was interesting was that the sky was very dull and gray, except where the sun was starting to burn through.


Also, I usually think of the Toyama's Norfolk Pine (at the right) as something that gets in the way. Today I decided to embrace it.