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2 May 2015

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I only got out to the hibiscus this morning, because I spotted this possibility for using selective focus and color. Interestingly, only DxO could do something interesting with the highlights at the bottom right. Lightroom 6 just gave me a blob of white.


I do hope that anybody reading this fully understands that "the camera doesn't lie" is a lie. The camera's sensor gives me millions of pixels and from that point to the displayed image a great deal of software and judgment has been applied. This was also true in the film days, but altering things (especially when working with color) was much more difficult. If I made an image using a particular transparency film (say Kodachrome 25, a favorite) then I could do nothing about the color balance after the fact, at all. So it was important to choose a film (whenever possible, and certainly it wasn't always possible) with the grain and color characteristics I wanted for the task.


I have a "film" module for DxO and when I invoke it, it applies the known characteristics of old films to the digital image. I didn't like the "as if K25" color balance. It was very yellow. This is as if the image had been made with an Agfa color transparency film, one that I never used.