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13 April 2015

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I met a photographer yesterday and learned (among other things) that flower images don't sell very well. I've put up many flower images, but I don't think too many of them are classic Flower Images. I should go back and count.


I saw two things this morning that interested me. One was a conjunction of a new hapu'u frond with old, darker fronds, and the whole shot lined up with a palm, whose fronds were waving in the wind. Slow shutter speed. Yeah. OK. But not too OK. Then there was my amazing white hibiscus that I planted 5 or 6 years ago, which likes growing up, as in a vertical branch that by now is probably 20' off the ground. Single blossom at the top. But that shot, too, was only OK.


Then the sun came out and backlit the white hibiscus by the steps. So I made a flower image that seemed to me an image involving a flower rather than a Flower Image. Splitting hairs, probably, but here it is.