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13 March 2015

# 225

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When I was a boy, we used to go to South Point (Ka Lae) to look for glass balls -- Japanese fishing net floats. I can't say whether this one came from there, but it might have. I'm sure I wasn't along when it was found, or I would have remembered it. It's a big one (about 18" diameter) and those are rarely seen washed up onshore. This is a closeup of the cordage used to fasten it to the net.


I have to say that Inanimate Objects Weeks isn't as much fun as I'd hoped. There are plenty of inanimate objects around the house, but photographing them is too much like studio work to satisfy me. (Not that, as they say, there's anything wrong with studio work.) I took this float out on the porch, for example, and fussed with turning it around to get it backlit the way I wanted it.


This has all made me realize that I'd much rather deal with what the world offers up to me on its own -- or with minimal modification -- than to set images up deliberately.