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6 March 2015

# 218

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I've had my eye on a big Areca frond that fell from the tall palm a week ago. It was on the lava outcropping, nicely-bent, and with rainwater in it. Indeed it was a good subject, but then I remembered that I'd used Dypsis fronds only a few days ago and maybe it wasn't quite time for a frond repeat. It's not going anywhere, because I don't have enough yard waste for a trip to Green Waste. So maybe I'll get it later.


This is a pulley, part of a tensioning apparatus I made for a radio antenna back in 2004. It was attached high up on the palm. At that time I was anxious to listen to Radio Bougainville, a shortwave station whose signal was never meant to travel thousands of miles. The pulley was because of course the palm swayed in the wind, and the other end of the antenna was connected to the house. So the antenna tensioner ran through the pulley and was attached to a weight that could slide up and down as the palm moved, and the antenna wouldn't be ripped off its anchor at the back of the house. It worked, but eventually the Internet became a better method of connecting with Bougainville, so I took the antenna down and left the pulley at the base of the palm.


Here's a piece I wrote about trying to listen to Bougainville radio.


Long story. Maybe next week I'll do Manufactured Objects Week. No plants, no stones, no animals.