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5 February 2015

# 189

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I went to the falling-down shed (having lain awake last night trying to figure out what to do about it) to shoot an old block and tackle that's probably been on a shelf since my father died many years ago. I shot it, but on the way out of the shed I looked back at my attempt to recreate a childhood treat -- what in Hilo we called sour lemon. You could buy them in the little stores, where they were in crocks and you pulled out the one you wanted, or you could make them at home: lemons, salt, water, glass jar, sun.


This batch is on the shed's roof. I couldn't remember how much salt to use, and I think I used too much. As I remember (it's been a long, long time) they're ready when the rind's no longer yellow. These are our Meyer lemons, so maybe they're not behaving the way whatever kind of lemons we had back in the fifties did.


One of these days I'll open it up and see how they're going.