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20 December 2014

# 142

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Did I promise realism? I never did.


Yesterday and the day before, I refinished the porch floor, so I planned a nice sedate shot of newly-oiled Douglas Fir, with CAUTION tape and extension cord. Our friend Ginia (who's been looking at the Daily Image since September 2012) came to visit from Honolulu, and as she and Ruth were heading for the market and I had the superwide mounted, I chose a slow shutter speed, exhorted them to dance around, and there you have it. Oh, and a goodly dose of Photoshop, too.


I'm fond of Posterization, because it reminds me of my darkroom days way back in the last century, swishing prints around in the developer and hitting the lights briefly, to create solarization. You never knew what you were going to get, which was part of the fun. This is easier. And cheaper, too, because if the solarization was a bust, there went your 16 x 20 Agfa Brovira paper, which even then wasn't cheap.