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16 November 2014


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Lizard among the anthuriums. If you care to enlarge the image, you can see the camera and my head reflected in the reptile's eye. This isn't an accident -- that's what I was after. Not long ago, I was up on the Mainland reading from my book. At Pegasus Books in Berkeley, I read from the story "Namesakes," which involves the death of an insane cockatoo ("Kakata"). Here's the end of the story:


Later, Elliot told me that when he developed the film and held the negatives to the sun and examined the single Kakata frame he thought he could see his crouching figure reflected in black Kakata’s white eye.


I suppose that could be true. Some day I’ll ask him for the film, and a magnifying glass.


So. Here's my crouching figure in a lizard's eye.