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11 October 2014

# 72

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Fig. The Kadota fig we planted back in the spring has been doing well, and this is its second crop (only two per crop, but it's young). When I looked at the fig this morning I saw what seemed to be oil on the stem and at the bases of the two figs. The oil made the figs seem very figgy, and put me in mind of some lines from Ruth's poem "Spring by Cazenovia Creek" --


"everything roistering, everything

busy being what it exactly

is, just as fatly and deliciously

as possible . . . ."


and then later in the poem,


"fig-ripe, falling open,

heavy-breasted, deliquescing."


However, the photographer's world being exactly what it is, by the time I went inside and mounted everything and got back to the fig, the oiliness was gone, burned away by the sun. Or maybe it had just been in my imagination.


So in the spirit of round things against dark backgrounds, here's an end-on, unripe, breast-like fig.