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30 September 2014

# 61

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Enough with the grays, blacks, and dark greens and yes, I'm still more attracted to the closeup lens than to any other.


The light this morning was blue-gray and low-contrast. The magenta Bougainvillea popped out at me. My first thought was that the strong color in a low neutral light be interesting, as if it were lit in some way. So I made a few of those, and they were OK. But then I looked closely the inflorescences (if that's what they are) and what with the shadows and the saturated background I knew it was time to rack in as close as I could get.


I had to make a dozen or so images, because there was a breeze and obviously a shot like this isn't going to be successful if the subject's blowing around.


This is the non-terrorist Bougainvillea. We've managed to keep it under control and I haven't lost blood to it recently. What am I talking about? This, and this.