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23 September 2014

# 54

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A couple of dragonflies cruise the zen garden every morning. I assume they're being proper predators, but I can't see what they're after. Today I thought I'd go after them.


Trying to track and focus on animals that move in fits and starts (and have great acceleration) is tough. The autofocus on my camera, even when put into continuous/predictive mode, can't settle on something as small as a dragonfly. In the original, the dragonfly is a much smaller part of the field.


If yesterday's HDI took me back to Bougainville, today's effort took me back to the manual focus days. I use manual focus all the time when I'm composing on the LCD screen, but I usually switch to auto when I'm using the viewfinder.


Back in Lightroom, the dragonfly images raised an interesting issue: was my task to make a good picture of a dragonfly, or was it to make a good picture with a dragonfly in it? After fussing with 6 or 8 images, I decided picture-with-dragonfly was the way to go.


So that's what you get.