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21 September 2014

# 52

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The Decider (a.k.a. Ben) wanted to go back to the Carvalho Park playground, where we took him yesterday. This meant it wasn't easy to get him interested in walking around the yard pointing at things or answering the question "What do you like?"


"Where's another thing you like, Ben?"


"Go park."


His mother Ginia (an epidemiologist who understands all about sampling and surveying) and I (with a similar skill set from my old days as an anthropologist) eventually gave up on non-interference and, it's true, led him a little bit.


Eventually, after 8 likes, I tricked him into coming to the edge of the ditch and looking down. He liked the ditch.


Thus you get the ditch. This is the far wall, aggressive grass, and moss. I have to get in there and clean it.


If this business with Ben makes no sense to you,  yesterday's HDI will explain why we were doing it.