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19 September 2014

# 50

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Ugly gray paint I haven't scraped off, ugly green paint I haven't scraped off, and a small explosion of water. And some nice dark shadows on the front steps. The steps make for an interesting image, but they're not so nice as an entrance to the house. They're on my list of things to fix up.


I stuck with the closeup lens today. It was already mounted (not that swapping lenses is difficult) and is at heart a short, fast tele (105 mm f/2.8) that can also do closeups. I need to get the feel of it as a regular lens.


I was headed out to see what I could find, but the failing gutter-joint was dripping nicely on the step, so I didn't get past that. I'd like to claim that I'm quick enough on the shutter release to catch any kind of action, but that would be a lie. I am quick enough to understand when it's time to shift the camera to continuous high speed, though, and to hold down on the shutter release as soon as I see one drip hit the step, hoping to catch the next one. Which I did.