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16 September 2014

# 47

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I've been watching a frond on one of my betel palms. I planted the palms in honor of Nagovisi friends and relatives who died. This is the one planted for my fictive father Karinamba.


I've been watching the frond because it's hanging vertically and parallel to the house, and is nicely varigated top to bottom. I thought that it might make a good telephoto shot, filling the frame, but this morning I thought an image looking up from near the trunk might be more interesting.


So I grabbed the little mirrorless camera, because unlike my DSLR, it has an articulated screen, meaning that I wouldn't have to lie on my back looking up. The line of betel palms is in Little Fire Ant territory, and the last time the bastards swarmed me I was in pain for 3 or 4 days. But with the mirrorless, I knew I could stand and thus be mobile if anything attacked. If you think I'm a wuss, we'll talk after you've been attacked by LFA.


Still no closeup lens. Maybe today.