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15 September 2014

# 46

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Turning away from vegetation . . . here are lava rocks shaped and set in place by the Tongan master Elika Koloamatangi.


I set up at 400 mm because I thought the roof and solar panels would show some interesting shapes and patterns. But when I got down to work, I saw nothing interesting there. I shot the pressure washer and its shadow against the house, which was mildly amusing because of the flattening, but not HDI-worthy. I was near one of the walls, and the stone's color caught my eye. I didn't need a long tele to make this shot, but that's what I had mounted, so I used it.


The closeup lens hasn't arrived. I ordered it from Amazon, which used perhaps the worst shipping company on the planet, Parcel Pool, instead of FedEx or UPS or the postal service, all of which do a good job getting shipments to Hilo. When I lived in the interior of Bougainville Island in the late sixties of the last century and cargo got to me by DC-3, small coastal vessel, Cessna, bicycle, Unimog, Ford tractor, Land Rover, or on foot I had better and more reliable service than Parcel Pool offers in 2014 to Hilo. Parcel Pool is obscenely inept. But the day's not over, and maybe it'll show up.