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13 September 2014

# 44

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Old anthurium leaf, fern, various dead things. The yellow caught my eye. I went outside with the superwide, but I didn't like the image I made. I shot a few other things and came inside. But as on 5 August when I brought it up in Lightroom and zoomed it to 1:1 to check focus, I liked what I saw. So this is a severe crop.


Here's the original image.


I've ordered a new macro lens, because my old one from 1969 doesn't work properly on my new DSLR body. It should arrive Monday or Tuesday, so be ready for a barrage of closeups, where the entire image is a closeup that I won't need to crop. I'm sure I'll overdo closeups for a while, but hey -- this is a site showing what I feel like doing on any given day.