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6 September 2014

# 37

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It's a sunny morning, but I shot inside anyway because on my way out I noticed how the sun was lighting the living room and casting strong shadows on the furniture.


This is part of a table made early in the 20th century from a Hawaiian wood called koa. I know the table's history: it was designed by Nettie Lyman and crafted by Tadaichi Shintaku at the Hilo Boarding School's workshop in Hilo. I don't know how it came into our family, though.


The lower slopes of Mauna Kea were, before cattle ranching, goats, and feral pigs, covered by koa forests. There's a lot of replanting happening and in some areas the koa forests have returned to their former glory. We've planted a koa here at the house and it seems to be doing well, even though it's at the lower range of its preferred altitude.