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31 August 2014

# 31

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I didn't think that coffee beans by themselves would be particularly interesting, so I added the red, yellow, and black boots we brought from Colden because, at least in those colors they mimic the beans.


The beans are on a tree that Ann Pancake and Caitlin Sullivan planted a couple of years ago.


I didn't stage the shot. The boots had been stored under the back stairs, where harmless and not-so-harmless insects and slugs were happy to live in them. So I moved them out into the sun a couple of days ago, and now I'll have to figure out where to put them. Hanging upside down, maybe.


I'll let you imagine the sensation of putting on a glove, left out overnight, to which slugs have returned from their night's work. Into the fingers. Slugs are not noxious, but . . . well, I said I'd leave it to your imagination.