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30 August 2014

# 30

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I went out on the porch and saw there were some interesting cloud-tree-sunrise interactions happening. But by the time I got back with the 400mm setup, the interesting sights were gone. I'm not compulsive enough about this to keep the body and a lens set up on the tripod at all times. Even if I'm hurrying, it takes me two or three minutes to set up for long telephoto work. Too bad.


I looked down into the zen garden and there was a nicely-lit pikake leaf against the dark gravel, and a dead leaf gave me another bit of color along the diagonal. I don't think I want to look back over this month's images and tally the number that have strong diagonals. It must be high.


The first month of this project is almost over. I'll just mention that the number of people visiting the site is very disappointing. Typically there are around ten visits a day, and two or three of those are me, checking on the updates. If you're one of the few people looking at these pictures -- and you like them -- how about spreading the word? Seeing more traffic here would please me.