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27 August 2014

# 27

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We planted three orange 'ohi'a lehua. One's not doing so well, one put out a few blossoms a few months ago, and this one -- the happiest -- is now blooming. The orange variety is uncommon; red and yellow are the common ones.


There must be tens of thousands of lehua blossom shots out there on the net and, orange or not, I didn't want to add to them. Over the past three days, I've been watching the buds open, untangle and straighten out into a blossom. It takes about a day.


Here's a tangled one with a single strand headed out, an almost completely opened one, and down in the right hand corner, a couple of partly-untangled ones.


And here's a bonus image -- a yellow one, at the Hakalau National Wildlife Refuge. You can see the same blooming thing happening.