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23 August 2014

# 23

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Again today I grabbed a little-used lens (the 85 f/1.4) and went outside, without a tripod,  before looking around. I've always liked the 85mm focal length. It's the classic portrait lens, although I can't remember the last time I made portraits with it. Anyway, I felt like using it.


This is part of a frond that fell from a volunteer palm that I think might be a betel palm. I have several of those, all planted in honor of Nagovisi friends who have died. The one that dropped this frond got started when we were on the Mainland. I was going to take it out, thinking it was an ordinary Areca (and we have plenty of those) but it's looking more and more like betel, so it's going to stay.


I was attracted to the dark water and the highlights.