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19 August 2014

# 19

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In Hawai'i, you're expected to take off your shoes outside.


I've been at houses where the shoes are neatly, and sometimes even beautifully, arranged. On Wailuku Drive, at the back door, not so much. Running shoes, water shoes, and hiking shoes, all of which have passed into yard-work service -- the last stop before the landfill. When I get done with shoes, they're beyond anything that a charity would take.


The sponge is just visiting. The hose is part of the anti-coqui frog arsenal -- the citric acid shooter. If you don't know about coqui, lucky for you. They are invasive, unwelcome, small, nocturnal, and very noisy. On our block we fight them resolutely and the noise isn't bad. Elsewhere . . . well, I'll just say that it's not hard to find places in Hilo where the coqui din runs to 90 decibels. Really.