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11 August 2014

# 11

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Sunrise through monkeypod branches. There are two old monkeypods down the street, and they dominate the horizon. Most of the times I've tried shooting them I've found myself in ordinary "that's a tree, all right" land. This morning I thought that maybe I could get something more interesting if I used 400 mm, framed only a few branches and tried to use the foliage arc to the right as an element. The sun was a bonus. When I realized it was going to enter the frame I went inside for more coffee, and waited.


Ruth and I planted a monkeypod four years ago. We won't live to see it this size, sad to say.


On a nerdy note I report that this is an uncompressed RAW shot and the image you're seeing was 75.6 mb out of the camera. For this kind of shot it makes little difference, considering that there's not much detail and the dynamic range is off the charts. But I was curious. Usually I shoot 14-bit lossless compressed RAW. Now you know. Do you care? You shouldn't, really. This must be all that extra coffee talking.