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9 August 2014

# 9

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It's still rainy, although it look as though hurricane Julio will miss us. I was looking for a soft-wet shot this morning, and I wanted to use the super-wide.


Here's the aftermath of the winds -- or so it seems. I could get away with the claim that Iselle bent the taro leaves and stalks, but that would be only partially true. She did, but the main reason this little taro patch looks upset is because I only transplanted it last week and it hasn't quite gotten its act together yet. Transplanting taro is ridiculously easy. Almost no care is required. Dig, pull out, dig, stick in. This is a low part of the yard, almost always wet, and I already had cinders there. It's just the sort of place taro loves, so all Iselle did was make the taro briefly unhappy.