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7 August 2014

# 7

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Bamboo, wind. Slow shutter speed. Serious crop. You'll see, if you follow the HDI, that I'm attracted to leaves and branches and most anything blowing in the wind. The old Daily Image series includes many wind-blown shots.


Serious storm coming in a few hours. It's still at hurricane strength (Cat 1) but some models are predicting a falling-off to tropical storm strength, and less-dangerous winds. It's the winds that worry us. The rain will be nothing, unless the wind blows out all the windows and the rain comes on inside, uninvited. I have many large waterproof cases left over from my life as a race timer, and I'll  have them all in the living space, hoping they won't be needed.


Tomorrow, we'll see what's available to shoot. I have an inexpensive underwater camera but I'm hoping not to be using it.