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5 August 2014

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Areca frond. This is a severe crop, so there's a bit of noise. When I was doing the first series, someone asked me why I shot so much vegetation. The answer is simple: in this yard, there's a lot of it, and to me it always takes interesting forms. Sure, I'll be shooting the odd flower, but what interests me about the plants here are shapes. To tell the truth, I was after a different image of this frond, and I liked the way it looked. But I'd gone outside without my tripod and the result was that the focus plane wasn't where I thought it was (I have a new camera body and have not set the eyepiece diopter yet, and without the tripod I couldn't easily use Live View). So I didn't like the entire image technically although I really liked it as a composition. Zooming in with Lightroom to check focus, I saw this shape and liked it and that was that. Want something technical? This is 1:1. Indeed my camera has a great sensor and the lens is pretty good too. Sometimes first-rate equipment can let you pull a nice image from a botched one.